You handed me fragrant bouquets of emotion
And I forgot
To feed them water and warm sun
You know I'm not good with responsibility

This necktie hugs me like a strangler in the
I avoid the looks from my Captain Hook whil
I bake under these lights
I'll be tossed in the musty brig if they know
I've learned the truth
That this numbing job is an iron claw intent to
Rob my youth

My life's just a fantasy, its a neverending
Battle between the thrill and tedium
If you're looking for adventure, grab onto
My hand, there's just one rule:
You can't grow up, you can't grow up

It can stunt your growth, stowing away
With such a fool
It's hard to evolve when firmly resolved to
Betray the adult world

My life's just a fantasy, and adventure
Is still the only thing for which I lust
If you're looking for some fun, just grab
Onto my hand but let me warn you now
I won't grow up, I won't grow up

So Wendy flew back home, she's ready to
Grow old
She's sick of playing mother while I self-
Ishly withhold
My chance to be a man, I just want attention
I only want to lead this legion of lost children

Now kids, clutch your daggers tight and sneak
Aboard this vile ship
We'll make these villains walk the plank and we'll
Obey only the wind

I can hear the clock ticking
And I notice I'm all alone
But there will always be one more
Who wants to fly out the window
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Jolly Roger Lyrics

Marathon – Jolly Roger Lyrics