Time to share a story from this odd balcony
And we'll make it tasty with sweet melodies
And the sardonic wit and costumed rhetoric
And we'll giggle from beneath our blanket of shtick

We exaggerate and we pontificate
And leave out the details that incriminate
You can catch us peek out from behind the metaphors
Just long enough to see if anyone is catching on

Hide in the songs
Hide in the songs
Hide in the songs we must confess
Our lives are not really as hopeless,
Heartless, haunted as we'd like to think
Yeah we're just privileged brats
And we barely understand
What it means to be oppressed

We just crave something real
To let out how we feel
So we can start making payments
On our sizable emotional debt
We hide in the songs
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Where We Hide Lyrics

Marathon – Where We Hide Lyrics