[Verse 1: Mann]
Let me kick my shit
No fuck niggas in my click
My girl ain’t innocent
She bad but she militant
Top of the pyramid
Food chain you got to feel this
Inspired by Tupac’s spirit
We popping Peace life we fearless
I might pop up in paris
I might just fly to london
My life, got no limits
Master peace, I’m important
Sparking while I'm recording
Chick by my side is gorgeous
Said she like my performance
Had her hooked by the chorus
Monster a dinosaur
Say cali on the flight I board
Peacelife fuck all kinds of war
Get money that's what I enjoy
Boss nigga look I employ
A thousand hoes want to be hired
Fuck with me I got that Fire
Up all night like a vampire, yump

[Hook: Mann]
You see what I'm drinking
We chief like jamaicans
You know what I’m thinking?
Go hard in the pavement
We going All night long
All night long
And my bitch is flawless
We young living lawless
We giving out orders
She bringing back bottles she do it
All night long
All night long

[Verse 2: Skeme]
Gold all on my neck
Real niggaz in my set
Niggaz who used to hate show love now
But now all y’all niggaz is off deck
See it’s I-N-G-L-E, no cuts, bitch
And fuck who you fuck with
I ain’t never did no fuck shit
And that’s the reason that I get love, bitch
More money more problems
But I ain’t had a problem I couldn’t solve yet
I ain’t had nothing to lose when I got in this game
Sox extras, I been from the Gang
Now you’d think dollars were saying my name
Excuse me if I think these niggaz is lame
Hoggin’ the highway, bitch, get out my lane
How I spit an 18 put niggaz to shame

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All Night Long Lyrics

Mann – All Night Long Lyrics