[Verse 1: Mann]
Seasons, she was just a season
Helped me ease the pressure
My extra voice of reason
My paprika or pepper, just some seasoning
Help me see something different
Like the complexities of man
Not just Mann as me but man as we as people
She took the veil from over my eyes
So I could see the evil in this world
Bliss ignorance or bitter wisdom
Must go through experience in order to build a kingdom
And this girl was who I shared mines with
Compared minds with
In her company was where most of my time spent
She told me anything I wanted I can accomplish
I would get high and trip off how I finally found my bitch, but…
Every season has it’s time they must come and go
In our life when needed to help each other grow
A firm believer of what I believe in
From when it began to the end

[Hook: Mann]
It was meant to be a season
They come around like winter, summer, spring, and fall
Autumn Seasons, and in my life I’ve seen them all

[[Verse 2:]: Mann]
In high school, we held it down thru thick and thin
Side by side in the girls and trouble we get up in
Really a nigga friend, random missions, smoke sessions
When the enemies present we pressing issues, no questions
The homie’s affiliated
That’s the life he know, but above all
He was still my bro
The more I started following my dreams
The deeper he fell into that hole
Los Angeles will eat you whole
Especially if you ain’t got no goal
Some years passed and I had to grow
Let go of those childish ways
Still fasho give bro bro a call
On random days and special occasion
But our paths led us to a point where it ain’t making sense
That’s still the homie, but I’m just convinced

[Hook: Mann]

[Outro: Mann]
People come and people go
And most the time we don’t even know the meaning – Seasons
But one thing I surely know
Is that he puts them in our life fro a reason – Seasons
But I appreciate the love
Taught me a lot about myself but I believe in Seasons
So when I’m leaving, and when your leaving, we both understand
It was meant to be a Season…
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Autumn Lyrics

Mann – Autumn Lyrics