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Spelling Bee Girl Lyrics

Man Bites God – Spelling Bee Girl Lyrics

We had a spelling bee competition
When we were both back in Grade One
I must admit I thought I would win it
But then you took the podium

You were so cool and calm and collected
You were like a precocious queen
When you knew gnu was spelt g-n-you
I knew you would rule supreme

Spelling Bee Girl - your amazing vocabulary
Has put a spell on me - Spelling Bee Girl
Of course I mean spell metaphorically
I'm using spell and spell as homonyms

You looked so beautiful - so lovely
As you formed consonants and vowels
I got a funny tingly feeling
Deep in my heart and in my bowels

I was all nervous - I was all sweaty
And when they finally called on me
I had to spell "rhinoceros"
And I spelt it l-o-v-e

Spelling Bee Girl - you seemed to know phlegm was spelt with a p
And had a silent g - Spelling Bee Girl
You didn't use lip-gloss until Grade 3
You used lip glossary - that was a joke

"I" is for I love you "N" is for nouns you knew
"G" is the noise I made "B" - ing so close to you
"G" I'm so full of doubt "I" - 'd like to ask you out
"R" you aware I'm in "L" when you're not around
Put them all together and they spell:

"Ing B girl" - your linguistic perspicacity
Discombobulated me - Spelling Bee Girl
You and me both sitting in a tree
K-i-s-i-n-g - I've spelt that wrong
Wrong - wrong - wrong
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