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Sleazy Lyrics

Man Bites God – Sleazy Lyrics

If you were an electrical device then I would be your socket
I am glad to see you - this is no gun in my pocket
'Cause I'm sleazy

I'm the kind of guy who likes to sing about his penis
Let's stop beating around your bush
And get something straight between us

Do you come here often baby - baby what's your sign
Do you have protection - I'm already wearing mine

(Gigantic random James rave)

I am not the kind of guy who just thinks about sleaze
Look - I have brought some knee-pads so that you won't hurt your knees
'Cause I'm sleazy

Come on baby what's your problem - come on take a chance
Is that a mirror in your pocket or can I just see myself in your pants

Do you come here often baby - baby what's your sign
Let's stop all this talking darling - your gene pool or mine

** Interesting bits **
This was originally recorded for the Drowning Hitlers.

On the recording on Ultrasounds, I believe the preacher says:
"Oh Lord Keep us safe from our own wandering hands and minds and hearts.
It is written in the book of Recidivist that I have no need to gargle with your evil satanic mouthwash.
The lord is my dentist, I will not floss. "
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