( gillie )
yo they found me .. cut me ground me
made me powder .. say I'm expected across seas in an hour
i was born in columbia they shippin me out
package tight so them dogs ain't sniffin me out

( spade )
but me I ain't changed I'm a household name
considered common but play a major part in the game
people keep me in cabinage, drawers and shells
and say I do magic turn four into twelve

( gillie )
I'm transported cross borders on planes and boats
I don't know my name yet but there calln me coke
I'm usually around the waist and in the line in the coats
so they can sneak me past customs and the guards don't bust 'em

( spade )
and I heard about that cat called coke and I don't trust 'em
'cause all the other dudes I know be scared to touch 'em
they say he from columbia .. they want us to meet
they must know how I react when I'm under the heat

( chorus ) 2x
I'm the coke .. you know you can't move wit out me
so wut .. I'm da cut you gone loose wit out me
but I'ma drug dealers dream
but I'm da one dat make the drug dealer mo' cream
nigga .. lets make a team

( gillie )
they got me in .. they passin me out, city to suburbs
state to state .. they put me on china plates
chop me up .. make me look like shake then call me weight
and now they want to introduce me to this kid bake

( spade )
o0o you da cat coke that I heard about
from word of mouth, put us in the pot stirred us out
I gotta admit .. man I like this guy
they cooked us up into a pie allowed us to dry
when together we frew from 20 to 25

( gillie )
this kid bake is live ..
now we headin to the hood
to dem niggas on da corners dat be up to no good
this one cat .. he picked me up in a benz
he brought me, bake and like 11 of my friends
we headed to the kitchen .. shit we at it again

( spade )
and it was magic again
I mean we jus got larger
I got stronger .. coke strength got smaller
put us in the hands of these niggas dey call ballas
and hustlers .. and fiends on the streets they all lustas

( chorus ) 2x

( spade )
me and dope is like brothas
( gillie )
da fiends they all loved us
( spade )
and da ghettos and the guttas
( gillie )
da east coast to the southas
( spade )
to the people dat ran this land
( gillie )
mayors and govenors
( spade )
congressmen .. can't believe the people we knew
( gillie )
and da hustlas they ran from the people in blue
( spade )
you know the name, the kid bake refridgerated near you
( gillie )
but for the love of us you see wut people will do
they kill brothas .. aunts, uncles, neices and mothas
ain't shit you can tell us
( spade )
they feel for us
( gillie )
and we manipulate minds
( spade )
and they kill for us
( gillie )
and all my thugs on the block
( spade )
they whole steal for us
( gillie )
it might seem like a dream
but its real for us

( chorus ) 2x
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The Crack Lyrics

Major Figgas – The Crack Lyrics