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I Love Being A Gangsta Lyrics

Major Figgas – I Love Being A Gangsta Lyrics

(Asa Spade)
Shit Uh huh
Mf Next Millenium
Uh Its real live here

God damn playa I love being a gangsta!
I got ah million dollar face and uh million smile
And uh million dollar flow and ah million dollar style
And in my lifetime I thought a million worth of vowels
Cats thinking I'm sweet I ain't been killin' in a while
I heard a lot of cats rhyme I ain't feel one in a while
They must be all broke they ain't been wheelin' in a while
Yo it's hectic man, I bring the pain like I'm Method Man
Respect it man, when the Spade got the tech in hand
My nigga G. D. K hooked up wit a Texas Klan
Now when we swerve, hittin' nerve, bend a Lexus Land
Respect the fam or ya ass be out
And for sure in them Bentley Azores we go the Classy routes
And when that cash be out we down South
With cats that sell crack gold caps in they mouth
Mom kick me to da curve for holdin' crack in the house
Since it's real in the field, keep the steel in the wheel
Niggas killin at will
First meal, I'mma chill, yeah I promised
But I ain't getting paid for being honest
I'm gonna break that, rap or drug money I gots to make that
Opportunity knock at the door I got to take that
One in ya face and throw your body where the lake at
It's Spado creepin' where yo yayo and yo cake at
Charismatic flow but I get nasty where the break at
Real Philly nigga put in work like I'm work awac
Type voice that can't even be heard on them Adacs
Your hoes and mines Phonelines saying play dat
This the "Payback" but naw I ain't Mel Gibson
9 to 5 I'm cooking up pies in Hells kitchen
On a jail mission, run around doing stupid shit
Doing sticks easy on some ruthless shit
Now I'm cheesy toe the whip on some ruthless shit
Man I'm a thug till' I'm old on some toothless shit

See the expression on they face when we step in the place
God damn playa I love being a gangsta!
All the chicks waivin' hi when you ridin by
God damn playa I love being a gangsta!
And when you roll they all wanna roll
God damn playa I love being a gangsta!
And hit the fan depend on ya man
God damn playa I love being a gangsta!

Looky here it's hard being a gangsta!
You can killed being a gangsta!
If you ain't real you ain't no gangsta!
I keep my steel you know (pauses)
Wacthin' for other ganstas
We ain't the same I ain't ya click it's simple as that
I'mma Figga he ah Figga it's depper than rap
I'mma nigga you a nigga we each got a gat
I cope chop and sell you eat by the pack
Boots, Steaks meanwhile I'mma gangsta
Prada suits, Minks
20 inches on the wheels Candy paint
You want mf to stop
Man we can't, man we ain't
I love being the shit damn I stink!
It's Dutchy man playboy want you think
From the watch to the link
And if you don't know by now then you ain't
Uh I'mma gangsta


(Gillie Da Kid)
Blaze the steel
Mf with the rays to kill
Slow flow murderers Ducth, Spade and Gill
Who better
Ya'll don't know the smell of that new leather
The V twizzy
Henny and weed dizzy
Chickens like who is he
Lenin sittin on tan butter
Shit I'm getting funny stares from my man mothers
Thousands grams of butter
Bounce that sick in the kitchen cold cook
Always bring the right amount back
Haters doubted that
I ever would blow to here bout' me out in places
And never could go
Nights guzzuling mo'
The ice smothers my ro'
Got advance money top pies
Double the dough
6 double the O
Push me if you want
I know your style you a bitch without the pussy in front
Niggas approach me on the streets I'm like what do you want
No I can't get a deal
Can split you a meal
No you can't play passenger in my wheel
Niggas coppin' gs3's with tore paper
Why not the biggest one you ain't have full paper
You niggas maybe dough, but I'm for shore paper
I love being a gangsta


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