Verse 1
Is this all in my head
Am I in denial?
I've loved you baby for a while
You with her hurt me bad
Thinking of you made me sad
I said I love you with all my heart
All I know is that I was fallin hard
You laugh and smile like you don't even know
If only you had said no
We'd still be together
This time forever
Verse 2
I'm looking for somebody new
Just tryin to get over you
I keep acting like I'm okay
2 years ago I would've said never
I wish we were still together
Repeat Chorus
Can't even realize she don't love you
Only I know the truth
Lately I could never tell
Even though you know me too well
My life revolves all around you
Another reason to give you up soon
Never say never I wish we were still together
Revised Chorus
You laugh and smile but baby now you know
I don't care that you didn't say no
We'll never be together
This time for never
Repeat Chorus
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This Time Forever Lyrics

Madison Lanier – This Time Forever Lyrics