Verse 1
The 3rd time this has happened to me
You're killing me slowly and painfully
Too bad you're never gonna know
That you make me feel all alone
When you walked through the door
I couldn't take it anymore
When you looked right at me
I knew it wasn't going to be easy
Living with it's gonna be tough
To stand here alone with all my love
Verse 2
It's sad how you're never gonna tell
No matter how much I scream and yell
The secret down in my soul
The one you're never gonna know
Repeat Chorus
Just looking at you is hard
All my love is so far
Killing me everyday
Even I gotta say
Only I know what lies in my heart
Love makes it so hard
Everyone says you're not the one
Maybe I'll give up my love
At least now you're not alone, but you're still
Never gonna know
Repeat Chorus
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All My Love (Never Gonna Know) Lyrics

Madison Lanier – All My Love (Never Gonna Know) Lyrics