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Is It You? (Déjà Vu) Lyrics

Made Men – Is It You? (Déjà Vu) Lyrics

[Master P]
My adversaries hate me, this ghetto got me crazy
I hope these streets don't play me, mama why you MADE me?
I'm a No Limit thug nigga
Live the American dream, so society think I'ma drug dealer
Cause I hang with the MADE Men
600 Rolls Royce's and Ferrari's on the PAVEment
Ghetto fabulous, Rolex with the pearl face
Million dollar mansion, imagine livin like Scarface
And then the Feds started watchin me
Johnny Cochran's clockin me
Can't depend on black, not no stoppin me
Started from the bottom, made it to the top
I told you No Limit just came to make the CLUB rock
Get it rowdy (UNNNNGH) get it bout it
Made the cover of The Source when everybody doubted me
and nickname me The Last Don
And everytime I say UNGH (UNNNNNNGH) you gotta press rewind

[Chorus: Keva]
Deja vu..
You could be the thug that I will do
(That's right baby) Is it you?

[Made Men]
Yo.. feel these Made Men, we blazin, hella ganje, elegante
Watch TV, you can see E, in 3-D, on your TV
Yo E be, thug type, or some nights, we Gucci
Burnin lucci, Dom P, ice rocked out, with a dimepiece
Profusely, spendin lucci, extravagant cuisine
Such arrogance between, the sheets to the extreme
Trips to the Caribbean, in a jacuzzi, with a uzi
Try to bruise me, then I coolly, pop pop shots like a juve'
How your crew be? For the 34th, it's Nico, take the meek off
While we floss, hit the weed spot, then freak off, in the sheik long
Got three glocks, niggaz don't want no drama, lyrical Unabomber
Puffin head trauma, ? slugs blastin through your body armor

[Chorus: Keva Master P]
You could be the thug that I will do
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