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Classic Limited Edition Lyrics

Made Men – Classic Limited Edition Lyrics

We the undisputed, the most wanted, the most hated
Most niggaz never squeeze, they overated
You fascinated by the way my clan made it
Classic limited edition, Made Men on a mission
We out performin, perform for the bitches and the thug niggaz
We slug niggaz while the FEDs try to bug niggaz
Move confidential, I'm layin in your back yard
My nine clamp hard, Made Men rap hard

I'm killin you with 12 cylinders of raw rap
Puff dat, before I scarf gats, through your hard hat
Run circles around your favorite rap star
Push a black car, horse power like NASCAR
Sip Heinikkens, puff lime green with hash she's, madd deep
Sash heep under the back seat, actually
All the beef shit, put to sleep quick
When I squeeze this, 3 fifth, leave you breatless
Portable gunz, exceptional caps and clips
Grab the mack, lick off slugs for this rappin shit
Melt down your compound, put a jerry thing in your village
The illest in this game of code killas
Break handcuffs then I rock'em like a braclet
Clipin wild out, on some glock in your face shit
The first camp, crew thick out the pit stop
If you ain't up on that check your hit.....
Cold hands from the cold steel
Hot head from the hot lead
Stuff from the old sheild, ghetto appeal
Thug nigga type of anthem, get a Mill. 4 ransom
Then I spend it all on brands son


It's the fastest gun in the East, never the least
Put down my heat, fill up my hands in beef
Pop in the madd clip, hopin out the flag chip
Up in the club, tryin to bag shit, go bags to rich
Full switch, only have more chicks on my dick
I spits on them shits emcees be want to fuck wit
No caholnes, don't come fuckin with me Hombres
My crome blaze, uncontolably on your homies
Antonio, christed out, nice style
More than ever, pull a beretta
I bought my leather, squeeze the level
Thought you'd never, fuck with a Made Man
With doe show, when it comes to the strap, I'm bicostal, your gullabull
You and your boys be in your room bangin on books
We castle like a wolf move in, leave you shook
And shakin, any moo you make nigga I'm takin
2-11 strong, I'm shapin no conversation
This gun talk diolauge, I spit fire dog
Murder for hire dog until I retire dog
You want to lock horns with 2 thou., make sure your physically fit
A mack hit, it's that Made Men shit

[chorus] Repeat 2x
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