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Piffsburg Lyrics

Mac Miller – Piffsburg Lyrics

I wanna get blunted, my brother!
Tick-tock motherfuckers!
I wanna get blunted my brother!

Some days I be feelin' like I am the shit
Wearin' clothes right out the package lookin' how nice they fit
And I swear I’mma be the fuckin' dopest
As long as I could stay up on my grind
I'mma always know where my home is
I’ve got a Piffsburgh state of mind!

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
Hey yo I’m comin' to, comin' to, comin' to, comin' to
Comin' around again, runnin', runnin' around with them
Me and a thousand of my friends
Gettin' lifted, dazed and confused, controllin' this stick shift
I’ve been workin' hard baby, feelin' like it's my sixth shift
Dealin' with different situations, gettin' a bit of congratulations
Sick with the rhymes, splittin' your minds, feelin' the good vibrations!
Excitement, you see these different places I’m invited
While you’re writin', it's in the people’s ears, they callin' you Tyson
The nicest, you’ve seen in awhile
Believe it, the people the reason I'm out
They throwin' me love, and open me up
That’s why I see em' and greet em' with smiles
Shorty be lettin' me into her house
Pickin' her up and kickin' her down
They passin' me weed, relaxin' with me
They heard that the kid was the chillest around
Somewhere in Piffsburgh, kickin' it back watchin' the Steelers
Put your Reggie Bush away, we got some real herb
Shorty a , so nah I don't feel her
Cause I’m just on to the next, don’t get your feelings hurt


[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
Hey, a different city every day, the same youngin' though
Hoes from the bungalows who wanna drop and touch their toes
Lookin' for some money, we ain’t gonna give em nothin', no
It’s big pimpin' over here , where the fuck you go?
I be foolin' around, chillin' and passin' the doobie around
Out on the road, bout to be blowed
Everyone know I’m a fountain with flow
Up at the Telly, I'm countin' my dough
Makin' this money you out with your ho
Gettin' a couple of thousand a show
So if you still don't, then act like you know
Never done heard of a rapper before
Rappers so mad that they’re clappin' like oh!
That man Mac on a roll, they jumpin' with joy, see em tappin' they toes
Told you that no one can spit it like I
Out gettin' money you sittin' inside
Never are they ever sick of my rhyme, need to be chiefin' this piff gettin' high
Maybe I’ma slow it down
This shit blowin' your mind, I got the dopest sound
You better start rollin' up, the most dope around
I’m so high, not even close to down!

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