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Get It Again Lyrics

Mac Miller – Get It Again Lyrics

A ha!
I'm on my shit right now boy
That's me playin the guitar too
Yeah, multitalented motherfucker

Give it away, (x3) now
My style's dumb, clownin' fools hittin' the playground
Stuntin' is a habit, gotta stunt it if you have it
I be pumpin' out beats that leave you jumpin' like a rabbit

You a dipstick, doofus, numbnuts, nuisance
I'm too sick doctor said the swine flu hit
Move with a groove like the moon man
Grab a lady if you wanna do a dance

If I'm here who the fuck gonna monitor hell
I keep a shorty on her knees, 'bout as tall as my belt, haha
[Laugh now cry later, high hater I be gettin' it in
Got some shit to do and I'm in the mood
You wait a minute I'mma get it again]

Comin' straight from the belly of the beast
Bringing peace to your chi
We remember the deceased
Pour some liquor on the street
Hoppin out the bed, the sun rise like east
Brush my teeth, I at least need to grab a bite to eat
Walk down the stairs, kiss my momma on the cheek
Before I walk up out the door, let my feet create a beat

On the street that I'm steppin' on, matter fact glidin'
Climbing out the atmosphere to travel back from Zion
People look at me a different way
Now they listen when I got a little shit to say

Shit has changed since the old days when I was a youngin
Shit I'm still a youngin' but I'm spittin' like it's nothin'
Would've thought I had 100 years under my belt
And if you hatin' you're just fuckin' yourself, haha

I'm the kid they call the life of the party
Glass of ice and Bacardi get me right so I'm probably
Swervin', I see you spittin' game and it's hurtin'
The precision of researchin' when the hoes come in, searchin'
I'm just going with the flow, like it's current
Watching my back for all you snakes and you serpents
Lurkin', jealous don't work and you selfish
Slap it in your face and lightin' up the purple relish
Label me a man who make weed jams mad
Cuz I'm writin' while I'm liftin' up a mountain with my free hand
You a little jackass, call you wee-man
Nah fuck that, I'mma call the weed man

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