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Doobie Ashtray 2k10 Lyrics

Mac Miller – Doobie Ashtray 2k10 Lyrics

[Hook: Devin The Dude]
What you gonna do when the people go home
And you wanna smoke weed but the reefer's all gone
And somebody had the nerve to take the herb up out the doobie ashtray
Why they do me that way
What you gonna do when ya friends go home
And you wanna drink a beer but ya ends all gone
Somebody had the nerve to take the herb up out my doobie ashtray
Why they do me that way?

[Verse 1: Dee Goodz]
I'm making the final decisions that could somehow make a nigga vision come true
Then I'mma give the game a one two
For now I tell the homies come through
Politicin while we chillin planing how to make a million
Got the features of a ceiling, I'm high
Can't seem to figure out the formula
When I do I'm warning ya
Success I swear I'm on to ya
Joining fake friends on a journey to make Henz his attorney
I can't when these niggas clowns like Bert and Annie
My attorney handles all the bull
Niggas try to stop me in the game, I'm on my Manning shit
Now watch me call the audible
You can gather all the pool and all the fucking tour and niggas still wouldn't be the shit to me
I'm reaching out for a position Big ain't get to see
Give these hatin niggas the trigger, kill em with creative figure
As I make my homies leave, devote my time to playin it back
I look around the crib then all a sudden then I'm mad


(Mac Miller talking)
I like this... Dee Goodz...what's good

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
So put ya shit out in the doobie ashtray
While the ganja burning slow and we moving that way
And my crew got mad haze, enough that we can share with you
I'm brand new, you could use a repair or two
The weed smoke impair my view, the color of it very blue
You could smoke up with the Most Dope homie very few
Huffin and puffin, the bud in the oven you coughin and we love it and breaking it down
Who be the man with a doobie in hand, calling the kid to bring it around
Life is hard so we smoke away the stress
Without my Mary Jane I'mma mess
So I gotta keep it fresh, grab a zip and nothing less
You can come smoke too cause I love a bunch of guests, yes
Marijuana dreams, Californiacation
Take a couple hits before I have to board this plane and
Stop complaining, just give me my weed back
I'm just where these trees at, I'm just tryna relax


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