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DJ Pimp (Freestyle) Lyrics

Mac Miller – DJ Pimp (Freestyle) Lyrics

Hey Pimp!
What up DJ Pimp?
The Ill Spoken
East End Empire
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania all the way to France
Lets go

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]

It ain't nothing to stunt when you rap like the kid do
Kick you in the face, taijutsu
Shit, you ain't smokin like I'm smokin, boy my piff's blue
High with my dogs while you posing with some shih tzu
Not an issue, I'm going right past you
Flowing like my cash do, y'all be eating cat food
The way I spit leave you still like a statue
Boy I got nine lives like a cat do
Flow's nuts call it cashew
The castle of Pittsburgh, twisting miraculous killer
Up in Pittsburgh, down to France
With some honeys and they no pants
The big money, living like a king money
Dream 'bout what you like but don't take a thing from me
I can tell your mommy, your auntie, and your uncle
I come with music, real smooth with that funk soul

[Verse 2: Beedie]

Yeah, I move it like a trooper do
Two for two, dude for dude
Ain't nobody out who do this shit like I do
It's like I'm through with the Subaru
Honda Civic, not Pacific
Opposite of everybody hoppin' on my dick, I said it
Better slide, get inside before I set aside
Little slither on the grass, like a snake so sly
My brain so high, this plane flew by
I ain't got a chain, but my chain so fly
We the same old guys, you lame-o suckers
Heard we coming up in the game
You motha' fuckers mad at me
Don't be mad cause we better
I blast for the weight, faggots fast for the cheddar
But smashin' the haze, flash the light ask for Christ
I ain't going out without a massive fight
Bastards bite what I spit on the mic
So why you dudes trying to get up in my shoes?
I'm just livin' my life. (It's my life)

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