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Life Ain't Easy Lyrics

Mac Miller – Life Ain't Easy Lyrics

When I get old I'm a be real cool
Sittin' on the porch with a fresh pair of shoes
Whole bunch of stories for the neighborhood kids
Tell 'em to believe, they be makin' it big
And I know
That life is nothing easy (nothing easy)
One day, I'm a change the world
And they’ll finally believe me

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
From the outside looking in it seems that I’m fine
But they don’t know shit about the everyday grind
Time is money, money is time
They tell me get there at five but I’m runnin' behind
I try and live a little go and have a little fun
You only young once so all the hatin' that be dumb
If life a joke then I'm waitin' for the pun
You all about the beef but me, I’m 'bout the bun, the bread
Cause I was just a little knucklehead
Now I got my shit together spittin' what they fuckin' with
If they ain’t it’s great no intention to the hate
Nothing changed still cutting up, Henny’s still my drink
I’m still the same old dude now makin' moves
It’s like everything I do front page news
I ain’t playin' in this game to lose
I want it all no secret the change they can keep it


[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
My grandpa told me one day I’ll be everything and more
It’s better never to question every lesson that’s in store
See it’s a blessin' that I’m gettin' through the door
The money gonna fall, when it rain, it pour
Dear music, you’re everything I have now
When there’s an army commin' for me I won’t back down
Cause I never was a kid in the background
Just a class clown but who’s laughing now
My moms cried when she saw me in a cap and gown
It feels great to see my family proud, but
I make mistakes too
My people always tell me Mac
Please don’t ever let the fame change you
They say I’m so different, but it ain’t true
Still got the same girl, roll with the same crew
I’m just doing what it takes for me to make do
And everyone around me gettin' paid too


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Songwriters: Jeremy Kulousek, Eric A Dan, Malcolm McCormick
Life Ain't Easy lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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