You midnight creeper, daytime sleeper
You don't try, try to please me

I gave you everything, that you say you need
All you got to do, is listen to me, oh baby

I know your mine why don't you try
Tell me what's on your mind
You gotta give a little bit of lovin' sometimes now

Now honey, alright
(You midnight creeper)

Don't say, you were satisfied
When were alone, I can look into your eyes, well

No more running around at night
All you gotta do is try and treat me right
I gave you everything you say you need
Take a little time and try to keep me pleased now

Come on baby, try to keep me pleased
All you got to do baby is think about me, think about me somtime
I know (Midnight creeper) what your doing babe
Sometime you got to wonder, am I free, (You midnight creeper) do what I wanna do
Am I free, go where you wannna go
I wonder do you love me, (You midnight creeper) I know that's what going on in you mind
Tell me girl, what I feel like
(You midnight creeper) You midnight creeper
And I know, you a day time sleeper (You midnight creeper)
The problem is, you don't try, baby you don't try and please me
(You midnight creeper)
And I know, I give her everything, that you say you need
(You midnight creeper)
All you gotta do baby, oh you a midnight creeper, girl
Your a day time sleeper
Yeah yeah yeah
Midnight creeper
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Midnight Creeper Lyrics

Luther Allison – Midnight Creeper Lyrics