Love me papa
Let your son do like my daddy did

Ahh love me papa
Your son want to do like your daddy did

I don't want you to be bring me a black, big force odum
I don't like to be messin' around with other folks kids

You know when it's early in the morning daddy
I see you make mama get up and go to work with you

I see it was early in the morning
I see you make mama get up and go to work with you

I know your a hard workin' man
But I love my mama the same way I love you

Now daddy I'm gonna have to talk to awhile ok

I said daddy
I said daddy
I don't like the wa, I don't like the way you love my mama today

Cause I love my mama
The same way I love my daddy too

If you can't understand where I coming from
I'm grown now I'm 16 years old that is
Daddy I just want to get along with you

I'm gonna play this guitar like you work the cross cut saw dad, watch me now

I think I found out what I'd like to do dad
That's why I say daddy I really love you to

I fell I love down in Arkansas
I found a farming friend, in Paris, that's where I might live

Love me daddy love me right let mama have a chance
Daddy I love you
Mama I love you
Sister I love you
Brother I really love you
But please let Luther have one chance
Yeah, Yeah
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Love Me Papa Lyrics

Luther Allison – Love Me Papa Lyrics