I am Jan Brady,
And you must believe that
Or forever perish in your doubt
I am the soul embodiment of Jan,
And I exist to serve the Brady alter
For I have become one with another soul,
And I have no need for others!

* Chorus*

Jan Brady has returned
Took over my soul and body
Then the hairstyle flew up all by itself
Never to be changed
I am Jan, Jan I am
I like to eat green eggs and ham

So now you must believe and worship me
Or else a lost soul you will be
I pick up my lunch from Alice our house keeper
I go to school with my Brady brothers
We live in the same house
But we come from different mothers!


I know I cracked the family picture with my bike
I was'nt wearing my glasses
But I fixed everything with a bat of my eye lashes
With my wig, I'll be a smash
Polyester plaid bell bottoms,
I ain't no trash!!!!

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Jan Brady Lyrics

Lunachicks – Jan Brady Lyrics