I was sitting in my window
And It was cold outside
I was sitting in my window
When I saw you on the street
I was gonna kill you 'cause you made me mad
'cause there was anger raging through my soul!

So, I got my knife
I was gonna kill you
I was gonna follow you for blocks!
'cause I tracked you and I stabbed you
And I hurt you and I killed you
You were gonna die, you were gonna cry
I was gonna laugh feel so good inside!

Blood that fills the golden bowl!
So, I tracked you inot the alleyway
I stabbed your back
Ripped your heart right out of your chest
I throw it on the ground and watch it squish
It squishes
Then I smear your blood all over my face
Put your veins and arteries all over my face
Make a necklace out of them!

With each stab, more life I take
I know this death is no mistake
The flesh and bones which now grow bare
I will not leave a breath to spare
Nno remorse, no mistakes
This life of yours is mine to take
The deed is done
My sin is fun
Your blood I drink, to make us one!
I touch your corpse one more time
My love for evil is no crime
My bones will rot for eternity
Red death, last breath
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Theme Song Lyrics

Lunachicks – Theme Song Lyrics