Tracks in the rain (Chris Seefried)

Woke up one morning
To find tracks in the rain
I went to follow them
To find from where they came
Over a hill and then
Underneath a bridge
Down by a river bank
I stood along a ridge

Where a voice in the meadow
Accompanied by rain
Such a sound to behold
Was singing this refrain...

There's a river to cross
A mountain to climb
A bridge for you to build over the tide
When the water is deep
(And) The valley is low
Wash away your trouble
And watch that river flow

I followed that sound
And the things that were said
Got me out of a cabin
Where a gun was next to the bed
I'd been laid low
For the things I had done
Then these words appeared to me
On the tip of my tongue

I can't stop singing them
Over and over again
Don't remember not knowing them
Or when it all began
I't's like some ancient someone
Came over a hill
Sayin' you might think you know something but
You don't know nothin' till...

Repeat chorus

So I'm carrying this melody
With me everywhere
When my burden gets heavy
It lifts most all my cares
Through this life we're living
You gotta take it day by day
You never know what's coming
Going along the way
There's a song for every person
A cure for every pain
Just keep singin' you' ll find
Tracks in the rain

Repeat chorus
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Tracks In The Rain Lyrics

Low Stars – Tracks In The Rain Lyrics

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