Just around the Corner (seefried/christodal)

Judy stands on the corner of Highland at night
Two thousand bottles doesn't guarantee the meaning
Of life
She says, "I'd like to take the wheel but I just
Can't steer"
So can you take me to somewhere just around the
Corner from here

I know a doctor for the proctor he says, "we both
Get a cut"
I guess that's all right I guess that's ok but...

He's talkin' 'bout his future like it isn't even
Passing him by
Some people keep on talkin' 'til they're living a

And it's all just sorta
Just around the corner from here
So if you're lonely you should only
Get your kicks before you disappear
You can't take no magic pill
There's a mansion on the hill
And it's all just sorta just around the corner
From here

I met a man on Lacienega when I was living in a
There was a girl that he was doin'
And I knew that he was tryin to sell
At night I hear her cryin so I run to the
Suffering sound
She says, "nobody can help, (my)baby caught me on
The way down"

Tell your mother tell your father we won't stay
It's just a matter of time before it all goes
Then we'll go to "Mickey's Blue Room" in the
And we'll all drink wine
So tell your mother for the record
That I thought she was fine

And we're all just sorta just around the corner
From here
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Just Around The Corner Lyrics

Low Stars – Just Around The Corner Lyrics