I am the fuel to your fire
Is what I thought as you bummed a cigarette
That night I was so damn tired
I swore that I might never love again

You tried to keep it together
But I knew you weren’t going to get much sleep
I kept my hands to myself
And reality became a bad dream

As I sat by the ocean
I wondered if I would ever speak again
Or if all of my answers
Would wash up on shore so I could rest

I am the fuel to your fire
But my love
You know I will burn you bad
Ignite all of your insides
Until the only thing left to do is hide

I read everything I wrote that night
And realized
Who I thought I was
Was just a lie
Was just a lie

I am the fuel to your fire
All my veins run thick with gasoline
I wear a mask of desire
Make you believe
I am what you need

I am the antagonist
I am not what who I may seem to be
You better stay away from me
‘Cause you lit the match
And I’m starting to bleed

Breaking my back
I fall to my knees
I’ll cover my mouth
So you won’t hear me scream
I need you to know
I never meant to let go
The day that I loved was the day I lost my own

I am the bad taste left in your mouth
You know I tried to be better
But I didn’t know how
And I can be honest
I couldn’t promise
To be able to give you everything that you wanted
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Commonwealth Avenue Lyrics

Love, Robot – Commonwealth Avenue Lyrics