Alright here we go again
Let’s start this up
And let it all sink in
I know it’s hard to see
Just put your faith in me
Don’t stop, don’t delay
Pineapple the biggest say
I know you know it doesn’t have to be this way
Everything’s ok

It’s not too late to say
I can’t do this all by myself
So if you lose your way
Just ask for some help
‘Cause I’ve been relying (all) on me
And you’re/it’s not supplying what I need
So I’m reaching out for someone’s hand
Everything’s oh…

Oh no, here we go again
Don’t put the traitors in this game of friendship pineapples
Select what I can/pineapple
Try to make you understand
That there are times in life you’re gonna need a helping hand
‘Cause you’ve always been there for me
I looked up down, left, right
But then I turned around and you said
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For Cry'n Out Loud Lyrics

Love, Robot – For Cry'n Out Loud Lyrics