It's Lov and Jake
Uh Take it D

I may be a guy
Who wanna fly to the sky
Oh oh baby I wanna be sky high
Oh my my
I'm the perfect guy
Who wants to be in your life
Take it to the clouds
Take it to space
Take it to the world
Then get out of my face
I gotta take al little time
To show ya'll what's on my mind

I feel like taking the core
Win the game hit the high score
I rather run away from here
Take down, drop the call
Love my life please don't fall
I wanna run away from here and never come back again

I wanna rock this place down
Be a skater boy
Won't you stop being a hater boy
I wanna take away
Till the day
I became the one
Rock this place out
And be one


Now what
I'm back in the game
I'm a diferent person
I'll never be the same
I was under construction
And was Highlighted
For best person
In the skybrighted
Disturbia became the best of me
But then I changed
It's a brave world of me
I'm a legend
And now I'm here with Lov
Go Head yall I'm gonna take off

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Running Away From Here Featuring Jake Tracey Lyrics

Lov – Running Away From Here Featuring Jake Tracey Lyrics