Here we go with all this bullshit
Why you gotta act like this everytime I leave
It just seems like you think I; m cheating or something
Tell me right now
Is it because I'm always out on the road

Now I know that I never see you that much
But it doesn't mean that I don't think about you
But it's over and over again
And now I'm getting sick of it too
I always love you but this has to stop
I know you can't wait till the album drops
So baby can't this end
Cause baby here we go again

Here we go again
I can't take this trend
Here we go again

Look girl we gotta stop this
I have to go
But I'll be back tomorrow
You act like it's a big fucking deal
Yeah whatever

I can't take this
How we gonna face this
If you wanna taste this
Then you better wait then

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Here We Go Again Lyrics

Lov – Here We Go Again Lyrics