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Lost Legacy Lyrics

Lost Legacy – Lost Legacy Lyrics

Old prophecies
Remember the old might
It lies beyond
The reach of all humans
Far away
In the land of north
It sleeps behind
The tower of fire
In slumber eternal

Lost legacy

Ancient might to break the
Power of the unholy forces
A spell which comes from the second days
Remained in abandoned silence
To return in the dark age

The book of mirrors
Conquest of dragons
A gift for mankind
Centuries before our days
The magic circle called
The mighty dragonlord
To help humanity
Out of their misery

Humanity is slaughtered and mankind has no might to
Stop the killing. They needed help...
An ancient substance described in dark prophecies was
Their last hope. To reach this
Artefact, the mages needed the help of Zoraax, the old
Lord of the dragons...
They used the book of mirrors, which was once gifted to
The race of men by dragonclan
As the wizards gave the promise to the dragons. A
Promise they shall never forget...
The undefeatable Dragonlord heard the call and appeared
Over the towers of Dun-Terra
To repay an old dept. More that thousand years ago, the
Dragon clan and the sorcerers
Had given each other a promise: to help one another in
A time of sorrow. And this time
Seemed to have arrived...
The mightiest of the warriors were elected, to start
The quest for the unknown artefact.
Three knights were chosen to fly with Zoraax to the
Tower of fire and beyond. The hope
Of all mankind, they held in their hands... A time of
Goodbye for the three knights.
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