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Life Of A Hero Lyrics

Lost Legacy – Life Of A Hero Lyrics

Friends for life, forever and a day
Trust and friendship, strength and pride
Warrior in arms, magician casting spells
They'll be brothers, no matter what comes

Many times you saved my life, friend
I won't ever let you down
I trust in you more than everybody else
And I rely on you
My sword will always take care of your back
While your spirit flies away
Now my mission calls me further
But I will find back home

My spells will always protect you
Your armor's magic force
Remember all the battles we fought
Our laughter was glorious
Yes my brother we can get to
The end of the world if we want to
But you'll find your death my dear friend

Never the mage was wrong by telling
What he saw with his magic eye
His friends' death, is getting closer
His trip will be without return
Both they know what's sure to happen
But a warrior knows no fear
Even if he has to die
He'll fight for man and majesty

Far above the ground, the dragon shoots through the

Air. The tower lies behind them.
The artefact had to be found somewhere in this mystical
New land, that unfolded
Before their eyes. Zoraax lands and the real quest
Begins. New horrors await the knights.
They have to fight for their lives against unknown
Creatures. The wolvespack howls
In the night, when they sleep and their only chance to
Survive is the dragonlord.
The destructive fire of Zoraax smashes all those who
Attack the group. Many days have
Passed and no trace leading towards the object of the
Quest was found. Until, finally,
They were recieved by the Sworlac. They are a kind of
Elves but had to flee in former
Times, the so0called first days. Here, in the cold
North, they had founded a new civilisation.
They knew the knights were looking for... The dust of
"The dust of angels can only be taken by a real hero.
One of you has to prove his might and will.
If you fail, the downfall of all is sealed..."
Spoke the king of the Sworlac.
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