I gotta do more than
Just take brother by the hand
I gotta look into his heart
And try to help him understand
Not looking through the eyes
Of just an ordinary man
But with compassion we must look insde
To help him stand, help him stand

It's not so easy just to look
And see the need of man
And when he's down it's almost natural
To want to lend a hand
Although the need of love goes deeper
Than we understand
But when we see through eyes of love
We're better able to lend a hand


It's not the food or money
That the poor man really needs
It's not the shelter from the rain
That he seeks when he's in pain
It's more than just the love of a woman
That fulfills a man's dreams
Open up your heart so that you'll see the need
He's a man, so help him stand now


Looking through the eyes of love
See what compassion is made of
That's what we gotta do, listen
More than what the eyes can see
And not the ordinary
I've gotta, help him stand, help him stand
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Help Him Stand Ft. Anointed Lyrics

Londa Larmond – Help Him Stand Ft. Anointed Lyrics