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Look In My Eyes Lyrics

Little Simz – Look In My Eyes Lyrics

[Verse 1 : Little Simz]

Gimmie room to breath you be suffocating the truth
Look beyond the sea I admire the view
Haters act like we are very similar
How the fuck can you confuse me with you?
Tell me that it’s a
Major insight
To ? being on the outside not the inside
Tryna read above lines not between lines
Gimmie directions that will take me to the sweet life
? because living this is a blessing
I feel like I know the real me ain't no second guessing
Shit will get messy if you ever get to testing
Been a rebel ever since I hit adolescence
I be so in tune from my soul to my mind
Looking back just proves all the stars were aligned
When I think about when I was fifteen
And trying to be heared nobody was really there through my grind
Apart from my family
I’m just trying to be the woman that I can be
When I tell you that shit could have been so different
I want you to know that that means exactly what it is
Am I starting to change how I think?
A promised a friend that we would always stay in touch
And I ain't picked up the phone since
You don’t even know the messaes I receive daily
Talking ‘bout Simz how you been lately?
Talkin’ ‘bout Simz you forgot me already
Nah I’m just working tryna get paid g
People talk shit but I guess that’s how the game
Angel wins has anybody seen my halo?
Dark days are followed by dark clouds
Just remember behind me I got a rainbow
People talk shit

[Hook: Little Simz] (x4)

Shit ‘bout me (starry eyed)
Deep down they know when they ain't right (starry eyed)
Ooh, and when I roll in the room they can't look in my eyes (stary eyed)
See they can't look in my eyes (starry eyed)

[verse 2 : Little Simz]

I got big dreams, a fat zoot
And contracts in front of me and them ? signs
Till I say wheather we pass or fail
I can alwayse look back on it and say at least we tried
This weed will give you a free mind
Spendin’ all my days on the eastside
Even tho the north is where I reside
I’ve doin a lot of soul searching
Wonderin’ if its worth it
Lookin’ for my purpose
And I say everything up to now has been working
The ? meets with an experiment, I’m learning
Dealing with these stresses I don’t wanna deal with
Too much shit on my plate and no one to share my meal with
Fuck it I’ma still say it space space don’t forget about the age
I’ve been know for killing shows and putting rappers in their place
You can try and disagree but this is not up for debate
Gimmie everything I ask for and a nd then do it while I wait
I’m a king
Yeah I said it who can tell me different
I am not a female rapper call me that and I won't listen
They think that I’m killing shit I ain't even started my mission
Although many would wanna be in this position
Take my time with this shit, ain't no washing out
Conversations with Andre would have you buggin’ out
I been told keep your mind on a level
What you’re doin’ on the low
And your pedal to the metal go

[Hook: Little Simz] (x2)

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