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Homosapiens Vs Aliens Lyrics

Little Simz – Homosapiens Vs Aliens Lyrics

[Verse 1 : Little Simz]

Inhale the reefer
Blazed up in the cut see that cut is it running deeper
Insomniacs will wake you then put your mind in a sleeper
It’s pointless you protesting don’t get your ? to speak up
Make your mind up
Are you a mouse or a pescatarian giant?
The fish are deadly the vegetarian’s bias
Don’t make decisions while drinkin’ some of the finest
Put you in a kush coma
Ask your people they know us
Some of my friends blowing doja and smoking roll ups
If I get you to pour up I guarantee that you’ll throw up
Say you’re coming then get super high and never show up
Its just the life we live ask questions if you don’t get it
Pills ain't just prescribed by doctors and paramedics
The boy in the corner he be makin’ a killin’
No ? love him and they worshiping what he’s givin’
No one is condoning the life that that nigga’s livin’
Bunch of troubled kids is just lookin’ for something different
You can look into my eyes and see that ive been missing
See that I’ve been driven off the ledge
And you can tell that I’ve been searching what is left
Ain't no self in self respect
? the world im feeling to disconnect
In another life we probably met
Maybe I was the maiden you was a prince
Now the tables have turned, take out the bins
That nigga faddy be callin me little binz
I tell him farai quit being a buff ting

Bill it
The weed isn’t gonna roll it’s self
Got me tripping saying shit like yo I’m cold as hell
Time and time and time again I told you know your place
You niggas are brave you niggas must think that you’re space
Hold up…

I keep tellin’ 'em

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