Breaking out of school and we were kicking hard.
A lot of good dreams and a lot of false starts.
Swore we wouldn't get old before our time.
So what's the matter boy are you wondering where it went?
The memory's better than it was back then,
You could not wait to leave it all behind.
But there is one thing I know
I ain't quite ready to go.
Too much, too young.
I won't do time when I've just begun
Too much, too young.
What about love, what of songs unsung?
Too much too young
I'll never go backward, I'll always go on...
I want more, give me, oh just a little bit more!
I don't want a house or a three piece suite-
Those thing don't matter to me,
I'm happy sleeping on your kitchen floor.
So if you ain't happy following my star.
Lend me some money, give me your old car,
cause you don't really need it anymore.
I've got some living to do,
And I ain't waiting for you.
Sometimes I wonder
If I'll ever live again
Well I can tell you,
If I do, I'd make that change
I've got my share of regrets
But I ain't afraid to say
I've paid the price I have to pay.
Well once upon a time
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Woman Kind Lyrics

Little Angels – Woman Kind Lyrics

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