She's got many more years, ahead of it all,
There's a fire in her heart tells her so
So she's walking pretty tall into those old mantion halls
Just to let them all know
Come down from your soapbox
Come down on you own
Come down from your soapbox
Even though you wanna chase it
You know you just might break it
You'll never have to face it alone.
She tells them that she's right
Stands there ready for the fight
She is stubborn, she is listening no more,
There's an empty ring of doubt,
And her mind can't put it out
The truth's not easy to ignore.
(and so I say)
You could be wrong
You know that don't you
You could be totally wrong
It can happen you know
You can see it in the others
But you just can't see it
When it's under your nose
No, when it's under your nose
(all the people say)
Get out from the light
Get right into the shade
You gotta open up your mind,
And let your heart behave
No, never have to face it alone
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Soapbox Lyrics

Little Angels – Soapbox Lyrics