We did it in the kitchen and we did it in the hall
I got some on my finger and I wiped in on the wall
We did it on the lawan and we did it on the roof
You know I got the pictures if you want to see the proof
That's the way
I like it like that
First it was bananas and then it was a pear
And then I tried a cantaloup but it wouldn't fit in there
Then it was a vacuum and we both began to shout
I turned it on and got it stuck I couldn't get it out
I went out to the she'd and I got a two-by-four
She knew what I was thinkin' she was runnin' for that door
I said I wouldn't hurt her
'Cause that ain't my kind of scene
I said it with a grin and I got the vaseline
That's the way
Soometimes I just like to lay your body down
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That's The Way Lyrics

Limbomaniacs – That's The Way Lyrics