I watch porno in the day I watch porno at night
I'm a terminal case and I love my plight
Some say I'm sick I say I'm alright
All I do is fess up while they keep it out of sight
It's my own religion my own kind of heaven
Big ole schlongs goin' into little women
All for me to see on the color screen
Bonerville, Arizona, you know what I mean
I need porno
I need porno
Magazines yeah you know I've got 'em
Full'a young naked women with young naked bottoms
My name is House the albino mouse
I always read Penthouse never read Proust
I got every single issue of Bondage Quarterly
All but one of gay Night Orderlies
I read the best I read the rest and now I confess
I got a life subscription to Enema Digest
I'm not afraid to admit to my addiction
I like to watch two people use friction
Big black Mama Jama or Ginger Lynn
I like to watch it go in and out again
On the video fast or slow-mo
I can unwind to a good porno show
My girlfriend she gets so uptight
When I call her and I tell her it's porno night
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Porno Lyrics

Limbomaniacs – Porno Lyrics