I woke up in the morning
She was on my mind
I tried to make a phone call
She never respond
I don't knw where she is
I don't know

She's on my mind
She pick me up
She's in my heart
She is everything I need
She's the one I love

Falling in love sometimes it hurts a lot,
You gotta make sure that you're prepared for the worst,
When she's not around,
You heart breaks down,
Your mind go round, (yea)
She told me she aint coming home,
She told me I won't see her no more,


I don't sleep at night,
Cause I need your heart,
I'm so lonely
I'm so lonely,
I can't make it alone,
I wanna make it with you,
I chose you,
I don't wanna loose you,
Baby you pick me up
Baby you pick me up,
I need you,
I miss you


This is your boy Lilpinkza
Rolling up in my studio, OzoneMusic Production, you know what I always do.'Dropping' that's how it is.baby! this is for you, I LOVE YOU!
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She's On My Mind Lyrics

Lilpinkza – She's On My Mind Lyrics

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