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No Lies Lyrics

Lilpinkza – No Lies Lyrics

Telling no lies!
Aint telling no lies!
More music everyday
Am aint telling no lies
Big dreams everynight
Am aint telling no lies
And everything I do is big
Aint telling no lies
Aint telling no lies
Just feeling alright
I tell em hey
Pay attention
Damn they don't wanna listen
Cause they know me as a liar
And am insane

But they don't know who I am
They don't know where am from
Am so good in my hood
Don't get me wrong am not rude

If you're strugling from success
Damn you are useless
Go check your weakness
Music is my business

See me with a gun doesn't mean
I am a killer
Am just crazy
Going doper
Feeling stronger
Tranna be safe


Ok my dad got a system
Mommy was a victim
Me I got a big dream
Working with my huge team

Lyrics in my head every
Twenty four
It is my time to shine I didn't get
Be for
Now am back on the game and am back
For more
See me on the mic rolling chocking
Now you know

Am the lyrics killer
Am the mic murder
I swear to god am gonna rap
Till I die
And am telling no ly
I got my wings to fly
Wanna go above the sky

Somebody tranna stop me
But I keep getting richer
But I keep going higher
I don't care what they say
But I care for what I do
I do it big all times

It's Lilpinkza
Byb production
I do it big m"fcks
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