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Bald Head Hoes Lyrics

Lil' Wyte – Bald Head Hoes Lyrics

Bald head hoes, I see some bald head hoes, erry where I go I see some bald head hoes. Bald head hoes, I see some bald head hoes, gossipin' talkin' shit bald head hoes. [x2]

[Verse 1:]
Sicc and tired of these bald head hoes ole funky ass hoes, get my number then stop playin on my muthafuccin phone, if you like my music bump that shit don't try to get in my business. Keep my name up out yo topics if they involved in gossipin'. I got my own life, most of yall news is rumors. Tryin to get me and my girl in a mix but yall can't do shit to us. I rise above the jealousy and then take a vacation to a place where blue water and sand is half the population. Then come bacc and have to hear it all over again. But that's ok the studio's here and plus I got my pen. Bacc to bald headed hoes, cause that's the way it goes. To the one's that wear the same outfit everytime they go to court. Bitch get a fuccin job, hoe get a fuccin crib, go get yourself some hair implants, better yet a fuccin wig. They need some life straightnin', they keep procrastination, maybe Dr. Phill should do a show on bald headed hoes that's hatin'.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
I gotta get my hair done at the spot. Cuz I can't be walkin up in no beauty shop. Them hoes be in there talkin all that goss. Bout all the hoes and the cars they heard I got. Cuz see i'ma low key man to begin with, don't dress classy but I'm bangin' these classy chiccs, if I want shit. I'ma A big nigg even without the setts. Nappy head bitch keep your record out my mesh.

[Verse 3:]
Hoe you got me fucced up askin foe a checc. I need to call terminex I think I got a pest. I need to tote a bigger gun and probably wear a vest. To fight off all these gold diggin gobbers on the set. So you don't want me to use a rubbeeerrr. But I heard you's a freak under covveerr. They call you Mrs. Yeast. Man just fucced heerr... Real name (wokk wokk) she's a slutterrr. But it's all good it's the juice man, from the north I got so much cheese I don't need a hoe.

[Chorus x2]
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Songwriters: Jordan Houston, Patrick Lanshaw, Paul Beauregard
Bald Head Hoes lyrics © BMG Rights Management

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