Bald head hoes, I see some bald head hoes, erry where I go I see some bald head hoes. Bald head hoes, I see some bald head hoes, gossipin' talkin' s**t bald head hoes. [x2]

[Verse 1:]
Sicc and tired of these bald head hoes ole funky a** hoes, get my number then stop playin on my muthafuccin phone, if you like my music bump that s**t don't try to get in my business. Keep my name up out yo topics if they involved in gossipin'. I got my own life, most of yall news is rumors. Tryin to get me and my girl in a mix but yall can't do s**t to us. I rise above the jealousy and then take a vacation to a place where blue water and sand is half the population. Then come bacc and have to hear it all over again. But that's ok the studio's here and plus I got my pen. Bacc to bald headed hoes, cause that's the way it goes. To the one's that wear the same outfit everytime they go to court. B***h get a fuccin job, hoe get a fuccin crib, go get yourself some hair implants, better yet a fuccin wig. They need some life straightnin', they keep procrastination, maybe Dr. Phill should do a show on bald headed hoes that's hatin'.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
I gotta get my hair done at the spot. Cuz I can't be walkin up in no beauty shop. Them hoes be in there talkin all that goss. Bout all the hoes and the cars they heard I got. Cuz see i'ma low key man to begin with, don't dress classy but I'm bangin' these classy chiccs, if I want s**t. I'ma A big nigg even without the setts. Nappy head b***h keep your record out my mesh.

[Verse 3:]
Hoe you got me fucced up askin foe a checc. I need to call terminex I think I got a pest. I need to tote a bigger gun and probably wear a vest. To fight off all these gold diggin gobbers on the set. So you don't want me to use a rubbeeerrr. But I heard you's a freak under covveerr. They call you Mrs. Yeast. Man just fucced heerr... Real name (wokk wokk) she's a slutterrr. But it's all good it's the juice man, from the north I got so much cheese I don't need a hoe.

[Chorus x2]
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Bald Head Hoes Lyrics

Lil' Wyte – Bald Head Hoes Lyrics