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Stay Ballin' Lyrics

Lil Flip – Stay Ballin' Lyrics

(feat. Yuk Mouth, Big Shasta)

Ay man, I'ma tell you one thing man
Ay we stay ballin now (for real)
Lil' Flip is in the buildin (Clover Geez)
Yukmouth is in the buildin (Rap-A-Lot)
So all y'all rappers pretendin like you got money
We gon put y'all in y'all place

[Chorus x2: Big Shasta, (Lil' Flip), {Yukomuth}]
We stay ballin
(You know my homies down to ride
I represent the Southside with pride) (Southside)
We stay ballin
{You know my homies down to ride
I represent the Westside with pride} (Westside)

[Lil' Flip:]
Now he'll make a old lady feel like a virgin
We in the back of the Maybach, dude close the curtains
The paparazzi tryin to get another flick of me
Police muggin like I got a couple bricks on me
They hate when rappers come in town and have they club crunk
Cause we get e'rybody high and leave the club drunk
Poppin bottles, coppin tiles, puttin rims on it
I got mo' paper than you, I put my gems on it
How many rappers walk around rockin three clovers
A German car but I got a Portuguese chauffeur
No penny loafers, I ain't Mike But I'm Bad nigga
And for that paper I'll get up in yo ass nigga
You too commercial, I'll hurt you and let that nine squirt you
Yeah, I know you got a H2, but mine purple
I buy that shit you never knew existed
I hit the road and get paid, you come back home evicted, we stay ballin

[Chorus x2]

[Lil' Flip:]
Now can you, picture me roamin, high in my lowrider
I only wear t-shirts, so fuck Prada
I used to have to win battles rhymin on my turf
But now I'm walkin around with diamonds in my shirt
Wrist glitted, car kitted, I'm so gutter
Even when it's Winter time I got fo' hustlers
But when you get rich that's when the snakes come
I had to figure out the real niggas from the fake ones
This rap shit got a nigga goin overseas
But from Houston to Zurich we all smokin weed
Them Clover Geez makin moves while y'all standin still
Nigga my fuckin swimmin pool cost a quarter mil'
Cause I'm a big mack, ridin in my big 'Lac
Like 3-57 with a little kick back
We miss you 2Pac, we miss you Biggie Smalls
Until we meet again, me and Yuk' gon ball, oh boy,oh boy

[Big Shasta (Lil' flip):]
All my potnas got loot too, yeah
(Hell yeah we got loot too man, what you think?)
Said I'd rather ball with you
(You know we ballin man, rose gold and platinu, what?)
And we flippin new Benz Coupes, yeah
(Just bought that new Coupe off the lot, no miles)
And we ridin on 22's
(Deuce-deuce's baby)

Geah, geah, Yukmouth I'm Godzilla, ridin with Lil' Flippa
Y'all rappers buyin adapters we ridin on real spinners
With goons and gorillas we ridin with real killers
Cancun and the Villa, we playin with real scrilla, nigga
I'm still ballin, flossin and shot callin
Yuk' and Lil' Flip gon show you who boss hoggin
Y'all stompin artist, all of my rocks flawless
Still get the whole club jumpin like hydralics
I spit the hottest flows, overseas rockin shows
Still keep a flock of hoes at Roscoe's and Pappadeux
Rose gold and black diamonds is Rocky Road
Still aim, lock, and load, they'll kill you for some stop-n-go's
I rep the Westcoast, Flip represent the South
Shine with the down payment for a house in my mouth
I rock chains like Slick Rick in '82
Bentley Coupe navy blue,and still ball for DJ Screw

What, what, what, what
Yeah, we still ball for DJ Screw

[Chorus x2]
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