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Bounce With Me Lyrics

Lil Flip – Bounce With Me Lyrics

Now it don't matter where you from, its where you at
Everybody come and bounce with me, come on and bounce with me
And if these hoes wanna roll let em know, it don't matter
They can bounce with me, come on and bounce with me
Tell them niggas get off the wall get a broad, all of y'all
Need to bounce with me, come on and bounce with me
Come on and throw your sets up, represent
Everybody need to bounce with me, come on and bounce with me

[Lil' Flip]
Look I came to get it crunk, so nigga throw your hood up

[Yung Redd]
Like when your car running hot, nigga throw your hood up

[Lil' Flip]
Cause we some trill ass niggas, with a whole lotta game

[Yung Redd]
Now that I got a little change, I ain't pimping the same

[Lil' Flip]
And y'all know, I ride with my heater

[Yung Redd]
We keep maxing hoes out, like Visa

[Lil' Flip]
We keep driving, them Bentley two seaters

[Yung Redd]
Yung Redd and Lil' Flip, off the meters

[Lil' Flip]
So bounce with a nigga, blow a ounce with a nigga

[Yung Redd]
And ball out spend something, come and floss with a nigga

[Lil' Flip]
Cause that's all we know how to do

[Yung Redd]
Yeah see we some hustlas, what about you


[Yung Redd]
I'm jumping out Air Force 1's, straps and loot
So believe it when you see it, dog we got proof
That's when I slide out the Coupe, raising the roof
I want you and you, girl do what you do
And when the syrup in my system, ain't no telling
Will I get em or diss em, that's what they be yelling
I'm a pimp by blood, Yung Redd young thug
Whatever you wanna call it, just show me some love
Girls bouncing and catching the wall, that ain't all
To-night's the night, I feel like catching em all
Y'all throw your elbows, till your arms fall off
Till the club start sweating, and people get hauled off
It don't matter where you from, its where you at (where you at)
And remember all girls throw it back, you caught that
See me and my partnas, want you and your friends
When its over no problem, we can do it again


[Lil' Flip]
Now I'm bouncing in the club, with my niggas you know that
But I can't get in the do', women pulling my throwback
And the bouncers steady hating, and telling me go back
But when he found out who I was, now he want a Kodak
Say cheese, cause me and my niggas we flipping ki's
You going gold over here, we going platinum overseas
So bounce when you see me, on the stage trying to rock it
Bounce, when you see me c*** it back then I pop it
Now bounce when I hit switches, on my drop
Now bounce when I sell out of rocks, on my block
Then its back to the lab, cause I'm a work-a-holic
Every car I drive, gotta have hydrolics
So I can lean to the left, and lean to the right
And later on tonight, I gotta catch another flight
So take this napkin, and write your number down
And next time I come in town, we can drive the Hummer around

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