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Block Money Lyrics

Lil Flip – Block Money Lyrics

This for the block, there's no place like show business
Hell naw nigga, I'm serious
I'm honored, I'm back
Take this muh'fucken rap money
And bring it back to the block nigga
Haha, fo' real, so if you gettin yo money
That drank money, you gettin it
You know, I'm just worried about me now
Got all the fuck boys from around me, hey fuck you niggas
Hey, now let's get it

After I do my concert, I bring that money to the block
And nigga I don't half, cause I want the whole block
Now whip it, now whip it, now whip it, now whip it
Now get it, whip it, ship it, and flip it

[Verse 1:]
Ay I told you muh'fuckers I'ma bounce back
With three million in cash, potna count that
If I write you a check, nigga you can cash that
And when I'm in Europe, I use my flatstack
The black car get used fo' times a day
My rims skinny, but my pockets overweight
Go get yo tubes tied, cause you a bitch boy
800 grand, and now you think you rich boy
You better step it up, my paper been straight
And by the way my new chick go to Penn Stae
I paid for her car, I paid for her books
Okay I'm lyin, but don't that shit go with the hook
I got money to blow, I oughta be ashamed
I'm playin with some change, I want Travolta plane
He got a couple of 'em, we always fuck with rubbers
This ain't O. G. Kush, I like to call it Bubble


[Verse 2:]
Ay fuck boy, I'm the James Toney of rap
Cause niggas hate me, but I still got it like that
A brand new 'Vette, I'm a ladies man
Plus my Bretlin cost me 80 grand
Ay, money ain't a thang, you know where I hang
And besides music, you know what I slang
And you know what I claim, It's Clover Geez up
And don't you hate it when yo potna smoke, all yo weed up?
I had to roll my sleeves up (why?), cause of my bracelet
And we ain't goin nowhere, so just face it
I lace weed with the syrup cause it burn slow
I make G's with my words cause it earn dough
Who woulda known Lil' Flip 'll scan five mil'
And then be forced to take a break for two years
But the block got love for the God
So you know it ain't shit for me to get a nigga robbed


For the block niggas
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