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Dummy Lyrics

Lil Dude – Dummy Lyrics

Jonny Carvaggio
Trigger diablo
Brrt, baow
Brrt, brrt, brrt, brrt
Brrt, brrt, baow, brrt
Brrt, baow, baow
Brrt, baow
Brrt, brrt, baow, baow, baow

Watch your nose, we gon' wipe it
And them shooters, yeah, they wipin'
Fill him up, he ain't on it
He ain't on it, he ain't, uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh
Shooters they with me, they really comin'
These niggas, they ain't really on nothin'
Glock-23, it got some titties
They work at Hooters, you know who with me
Free smoke for anybody, lil' nigga
Gang and them, them niggas ain't picky
Bands in my pocket, my fingers, they itchin'
Don't get your ass caught lackin' up in them trenches
Young niggas, they came up from nothin'
Work with a stick, man, the young nigga buggin'
We don't give a fuck who you is, it's nothin'
Double Back Gang, all these niggas I don't trust in
Shots went off, oh shit, they bustin'
Might leave my four but I won't leave the chopper
Real gang shit, nigga, we the real mafia
Click, clack, uh, right over the top of ya
Uh, uh, I put the Glock on ya
Don't stop if you ain't really gon' shop
Told the bitch don't stop when she give top
Big F&N's we gon' chop up your block
I post on the uh, one stop shop
Who is these lil' niggas, man? I might be they pops
Grrah, spray with the Glock
Graow, graow, spray with the Glock, uh
Shots at his tummy
Every day, it ain't gon' be sunny
Young niggas, they on block, they comin'
Wipe your nose like it was runny
We don't play, we don't be funny
Hit his ass, nigga, we gunnin'
We don't play around with them hundreds
1050, nigga, that's a hundred
Yeah, he not tryna get into nothin'
Check his temperature, fuck, he sick or somethin'?
Chopstick hit him, leave his body in the ditch or somethin'
Big ass stick, nigga, pick one, get one
Y'all gon' see, nigga, get one, hit one
Come in the spot, we got sticks in the living room
Run through the North with a stick, nigga unfroze
Drop out your body, you know that you went gold
Shoot up your block if you know that you gon' tell
You know that you told
Don't call my phone, nigga, you ain't tryna cop nothin', nigga
You late, know that it's sold
I get it and bag it in O's
I'm elite, nigga, I only go bowl with the pros
Doin' magic that come with the zoes
Kidnap your baby mother and we cut off her toes
Ayy, uh, woah
Nigga, you play with us, uh, you gotta go
Ayy, uh, woah
We got them sticks, uh, smoke 'em like dro
Wait, oh
We got them sticks, uh, nobody knows
Uh, woah
We got them sticks, ho, everybody know (Trapnanana)
We got the, huh, we got the pole, huh, we gon' let blow (Trapnanana)
Hop out the cut with a scooter, we...
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