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Bucked Up Lyrics

Lil Boosie – Bucked Up Lyrics

Bucked Up N' fucked Up,
Bucked N' fucked Up Can't You See I'm Bucked Up N' fucked,
Bucked N' Fucked[x3]

[Verse 1:]
Now When I Entered This bitch I Was Ready To Get Off In Me Sum shit,
Cause I love My Hood N' I'm a Represent In this bitch,
Now In The Parkin' Lot Mane I Had Me A Pint Of That Yaht Cause My Potckets Sittin' Swoll So I Can't Be Stopped,
How I Was Me N' My niggaz Came Thru With Dem T's Starched Down Soulja Rees Blowin' Doja Leaves,
Came Boucin' Thru Dat bitch N' Ran Into Me A Red Bone,
She Say I Like Yo Car You Need To Take Lil Azz Home,
I Told Her Slow Up Girl Let Me See What'z Jigga Lattin',
Got Buku niggaz Pointin' So I Know Dem bitches Hatin',
Uh Ohh They Played My Song,
Thatz When The Club Got Buck,
Niggaz Hollin' Out They Hoodz,
That's When niggaz Got Slugged,
We Waz Jumpin' On Each Otha With Our 4z In Tha Sky,
Mad Az A muthafucka Cause Big Ro Juzt Died,
I Waz Drunk Since 9 O'Clock So Don't Be fuckin' With,
N' If you Buckin' Like A bitch,
You Can't Be Buckin' With Me nigga.


[Verse 2:]
Man I Wish A nigga Would Play Me Tonite Dawg,
I'm a Hit Dey fuckin' Hood Mane N' Knock Dey Lights Off,
Made My To Tha Bar With My nigga Lil K,
Got A Shot Of Alize Set A nigga So Straight,
From Outta Nowhere Mane I Heard Muthafuck Tha South So you Know A nigga Bust His Mouth N' A Guard Drug Him Out,
That's When Played Set It Off I Drewed It That's When A Million muthafuckaz Crowded Round By Boosie,
Told Em bitch you Put Ya Hands On Me N' Dats Ya Issue Got Sumom Outside Dat Ain't gone Miss you Ya bitch,
My Clique Few But Dem Few niggaz Ready To Steal Blood,
I Give My nigga 5 gs N' you Won't Leave tha Club,
Dealt A Bad Hand When My Daddy Left Home So That Thug Lifelivin' Kelp On,
Look Now Put Tha Hood Up nigga Or Tha Sign you Claim I Respect It To Tha Fullest But It's A Bottom Thang.


[Verse 3:]
You Ain't Heard What I Rep Shitt(Muthafucka)S. O. You. T. H. S. I. D. E Thug To My Death,
Look I Waz Raised Cross Tha Track Where niggaz Known To Do Killin',
If you Really Know Me nigga Dem you Now What I'm Dealin'
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