She Gotta, She gotta walk that walk and booty talk oh yeah
We got bad ass in here tonight and lil Webbie ya heard me
This how it's goin down look Webbie

[Verse 1:]
I got a 5'9" light brown juve
She got a coke bottle wit shaped booty oohh
And when she walk she booty talk
Twerkin like she Marshall Faukins
She get loose when she up in the dark
She in the clubs and they jumpin like some elbows
Comin out her Ecko's
Make you wanna cop her take her shoppin at the Metro
I'm knowin if I grab dat ass I ain't gon let go
So I'm gon act like I don't even see her when she tiptoe
But look though I'm ballin
From Cali to New Orleans
I b seein cuties walkin doin nuttin but booty talkin
Come here and run here and let a thug dress you
Put that Gucci on ya booty and make everybody swear she
Got a walk like damn girl back it up cuz you break out a fan and I'm hot
And gurl you turn me on when you make dat ass wobble
Later on we goin home and I'm goin make that ass stop
Now drop it like it's hot and clap 3 times
That ass all on her spine
I wonder if she got a mind like she got a behind
I ain't lyin I'm tryna hit her when that 9 booty talk

[Chorus x2:]
Now when she rock them tight jeans all the big dawgs scream yeah
That's thatbooty talk
When she walkin through the park and you c that ass?
That's that booty talkin 2 ya ain't nothin comin out her mouth

[Verse 2:]
I got a real fine cutie like she playin on a movie
But everybody talkin bout her tipdrill booty
Her hips like clips that go in a nine
Her lips like eve she hard to find
She lookin back at that booty she know that she sick
But I heard big booty girls can't take no dick
She got them watermelon tities let me suck on 1
And them bazookas n da back let me rub on 1
Her click name nba Nothin But ass
Jumpin clean out they pants everytime they dance
Ray Charles could c dat booty when it's up in the light
He might say Georgia Georgia dats what I like
I like it when you make it talk
Evanda and Mike Ty to and Jerry Rice
That booty like shootin dice
You might fall off in da dirt when she come out them draws
I know what I want 4 christmas a big booty santa claus yeah
Man I'm the realest all the big booty girls feel this
So exercise when you hear this

[Chorus x2]

She gotta booty like Shenana you kno I aint lyin
Got me growlin like a lion when she walk though the line
Put a glass on that ass when she stand straight up oohhh
Damn I c what her mama gave her
I like it when she make it clap
When she rock that baby phat
Got my thang hard like superman knee caps
She make a thug relapse
Gurl you kno you a fool
Plus you hotter than a oven kno a thug need you
Well look here girl wit that thong on yo back
Make me look good n the hood when you n that cadillac
Matta fact count stacks and get high
Put a seatbelt on them thighs and lets take a long ride
Look the question is y yo booty so wide
Like I'm pickin up a couch tryna take it inside
She gotta face on her shoulders plus the body
Tight jeans and spandex is what she rockin
And she a real dime piece she cook and she clean
But she always have problems puttin on them jeans
Naw booty talk get in now booty talk get in now
Walk dat walk and booty talk

[Chorus x1]
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Booty Talk Lyrics

Lil Boosie – Booty Talk Lyrics