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The Real Is Back Lyrics

Lil B – The Real Is Back Lyrics


This Lil B for real, man
This my first time at the game, for real
BasedGod on the beats, it's 100% me
Put my life in this rap

I came from a hole in the wall
Niggas still got dope in the wall
Got weight on the scale, niggas still push white in your life
Wrong move and I'm taken your life
I ain't playin' with 12
My throat hurt and I don't talk to the law
Fake nigga I ain't talkin' to y'all
This is real when I rap
Fifty-thousand just to take a nap
Move out because the real is back
Bitch deal with that
You niggas actin' fake as hell
On the cover of the XXL, with Kendrick Lamar
And I went right back to the hood
Cookin' dope like a real nigga should
I'm really that good
I'm unsigned, I'm the rawest out
Niggas take it and I'm barkin' 'em out
You bitches is fake
This is real nigga
R-I-P, Emmett Till, nigga (West side)
On the real

I never left my city or home
Grew up, but I never moved on
Now my money is low
But I still got a few homes
Nigga play me, I'm movin' alone
But I'm standin' strong
I'm standing for my niggas that woke up
I bring the Terror Squad like Remy or Coca
Soulja Boy, you actin' fake as hell!
Only thing that he made was bail
How you make me?
Bitch, stay in your lane, for real
You hear me on the beat, this not Wayne or Pharrell
I got my own style, nigga you lame as hell
Hatin' on the player ècause that fake shit sell
All on interviews, snitchin' and tellin'
How the fuck you got money and you niggas be jealous?
I know I'm the man for real
Because I was a nerd before Chad and Pharrell, nigga

Lil B in the building, I know the whole world been waitin' for this
I got y'all

What you hearin' through your speakers?
You compare this to Jesus
Things might get wild
2017, it's a whole new round
Really had to sit down produce this sound
Nobody was around when I was struggling, how?
2018, now I'm so profound
Put on your life vest because you might go down
Really watch your bitches, man, I'm tellin' you now
The devil got an ass and a smile, feel me?
I want money, I don't want no child
You could call me selfish and I'mma ask you how
When these- ain't quality
Nah, I don't want that- to be a part of me
I'm lookin' for the best woman
With a mind and a spirit, I don't need the pussy

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Songwriters: Brandon McCartney
The Real Is Back lyrics © TUNECORE INC, TuneCore Inc.

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