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Worthless Case Lyrics

Like Pacific – Worthless Case Lyrics

Simply put but never spoken, put in your place but never woken
Your intentions are repulsive, they're just like you
I'm a victim of something I can't explain, I've always talked it out, it gets me nowhere

Thanks to you, my heads confused, you fuck me up
There's no excuse

Focus on someone else I'm not invested no can't you tell, can't you tell
I'm outside of your interests am I boring am I distant enough to waste your desperate taste
Leave me a worthless case

I guess if miscommunication is in our hands then what I heard isn't what you said
I haven't been homebound in 3 years, I climbed that fence
Where am I who am I kidding?
You took a different route you're so misleading

Thanks to you, I'm broke and bruised
You fuck me up, it's nothing new

There is something that you must confess
Did I fill your time by counting weeks
Waiting on clockwork doesn't make the bags under my eyes seem less desperate and fantasized, calling out my voice is heard it's you I hate
Are you content with being breathless you can't come from pain and expect from me, anything
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