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Chine Drive Lyrics

Like Pacific – Chine Drive Lyrics

Why do I care, I spent more money than time
I hate the fact that my hearts in tact but not connected with my mind And I left the awkward gifts over my bed
Calling you from chine drive so you can get inside my head

Pleases mean things to me, But your excuses run deep
I'm sorry that you're drinking again, this has to be the fifth time this week
Are of staying for my sake
I swear I changed the lock before you ruined me
What is your destiny?

I'm set set in my ways, look at your wrongs and repeated scenes
And you go on about fake displacement issues like me not fucking mine
My time is out of the question now, Due to the act that I'm nothing and you will do better, Than me

I'm just a goddamn page in a history book
That will never be read due to the fact that I'm nothing and you can do better
So I will write this page, give it a second look
You won't read it anyway due to the fact that I'm nothing and you can do better

You ruined me
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