You got a bong you call the babylon, you picked the name
Up from a bad brains song
Hey rastafari heard you're quittin school, smoking weed
And cleaning swimming pools
You smoke em up in your studio apartment, get em going
With your stereo equipment
And you're hooking up the lazer show, we can use a couple
When you're shakin in the darkness, and ain't it easy
Once you get em on the carpet
Waiting on the wednesday shipment, makin love to your
Stereo equipment
We all go down with our connections
These feds sure ask a lot of questions
Nice place for a guy who changes filters
Still got bugs all over your bathroom
And here's the situation

The streets got hot when you got caught, there's dogs out
In the parking lot
You just weren't ready when the shit got heavy, there's
Sharks out in the parking lot
Then it all became like an action/adventure, looking in
The mirror, reaching for your holster
Bang bang now you're shooting like a soldier
Your girlfriend's dead and you've got blood on your
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Rock For Lite Brite Lyrics

Lifter Puller – Rock For Lite Brite Lyrics